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We use the latest in movement science technology to help you perform at an Elite level.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Analytics

The frontline assessment system we use can assess an athlete’s movements and produce a detailed report without using motion sensors. The Kinetisense system uses infrared technology from a single, front-facing camera to sense the heat outline of the body. Sonar cameras sense the body’s topographic surface while a combination of cameras and proprietary Microsoft body-tracking software accurately locate joints. The result is a three-plane joint analysis that shows movement in real time. This technology can fit in a briefcase or backpack and provide detailed reports in mere moments.

Our goal is to stay at the forefront of the sports movement science and analytics industry, and we realize that to stay competitive, we have to stay flexible, especially as we have evolved into providing more holistic, 360-degree screenings of human movement. If you’re as interested in objectively analyzing human movement as we are, we’re always open to forming new partnerships with other industry leaders.

At EliteX 360, we stay ahead of the latest technology and research to keep you ahead of your competition. As movement science advances, the technology you need to perform at the Elite level may seem too expensive and rapidly changing for your budget. That’s why we invest in the technology to provide the latest solutions at a price you can afford. Because the goal of reducing injury rates drives our business vision, we prioritize providing injury prevention screenings to as many athletes as possible.

We Stay Up To Date On The Newest Innovations

We continue to find the best ways to reduce injuries and optimize performance.

Our Vision for the Future of Movement Science

We want to continue standing at the forefront of the industry with our movement science technology experts. At the same time, we want to see major sports injuries, especially, non-contact ACL injury rates start dropping at all levels of athletics, but, most important, in youth sports. To accomplish this goal, we plan to research and integrate the latest technology advancements to best analyze the athletes in the markets we serve. EliteX 360 is building a national footprint for our movement science screening events so pre-season injury assessments and re-assessments become standard practice for athletes at every level, in every sport.

Our movement science screening technological capabilities currently provide full body injury assessments and concussion baseline screenings, in addition to performance optimization. If an athlete’s initial screening result suggests a high ACL injury risk, we will enter them into our level. We are currently developing 360-degree screening solutions for total body movement. With our eyes on the future of what’s possible, EliteX 360 strives to be the pre-eminent Human Performance Optimization screening service provider for sport, duty, and life.

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