EliteX 360 powered by Kinetisense

Pioneers in markerless motion capture systems

EliteX 360 has partnered with Kinetisense, maker of the world’s first markerless motion capture system.

Kinetisense Motion Capture Technology

One of the greatest problems in rehabilitation and fitness is the gap between objectivity and efficiency in assessing patients. Practitioners and trainers in these industries have been forced to rely on centuries-old, hand-held tools (goniometers and inclinometers) that are cumbersome and difficult to use. As a result, most practitioners and trainers simply “eyeball” their assessments, leading to inaccuracies.

This is why EliteX 360 is proud to use Kintetisense 3D motion capture software. Proper movement is critical to health, and the Kinetisense system allows a healthcare professional to to capture and analyze human motion accurately without the need for wearable technology. The cloud-based platform is portable, simple to use, secure, and entirely  compliant with federal privacy laws.

How It Works

The Kinetisense system uses infrared technology from a single, front-facing camera to sense the heat outline of the body. Sonar cameras sense the body’s topographic surface  while a combination of cameras and proprietary Microsoft-based body tracking software accurately locate joints. The result is a 3-plane joint analysis that shows movement in real time. The system itself can fit inside a briefcase or backpack and can be taken to the hockey rink, football field, fitness center, or baseball diamond.

Kinetisense produces innovative, affordable, efficient, objective, and accurate motion capture software

This technology changes the way practitioners and trainers interact with their patients and clients, improving the overall quality of care.

A complete solution

The Kinetisense advanced motion capture system includes six modules that enhance the data collected by the system.

3D Range of Motion

  • Measure neck, back, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees, all with the same simple process.
  • Fast assessments and automatic reporting. A complete range of motion assessment takes 10-15 seconds.
  • Easy-to-print reports are available moments after each test. These can be saved or scanned to existing electronic health and medical records.

3D Balance Testing

  • The balance testing module allows you to choose between 20 different variations of the BESS test including feet together, single leg and tandem stance tests.
  • Concussion baseline testing is also available so you can be confident about your return-to-play decisions.
  • Geriatric risk-of-fall assessments allow you to screen patients weekly or monthly . Practitioners can stand with the patient for safety purposes without risking the test’s integrity.

3D Functional Movement

  • Build your own assessments and let Kinetisense analyze the results for you.
  • Assess almost any front-facing movement with hundreds of variations. Analyze data in the Frontal, Sagittal and Transverse planes in real time or with video playback.
  • Give your clients or patients informative details on their personal movement patterns.
  • Help prevent injuries by recognizing potentially harmful compensations, either in real time or through video playback.

3D Posture

  • Do a quick posture assessment with every patient or client, as the entire process takes only 20-30 seconds.
  • Eliminate posture grids and annoying wearables. Kinetisense is entirely infrared and video-based, increasing the objectivity of your assessments and removing the potential for human error.

Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen (KAMS)

  • Assess trunk range of motion, four complex movements, two balance tests, and two single leg vertical leap tests.
  • Receive feedback on 12 movements and a comprehensive report in just three minutes.
  • Track the performance of your patients, clients, and athletes over time. Automated graphs and charts show progress over time for each movement involved in KAMS. Monthly or quarterly re-assessments show improvements or changes in function.

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