The industry leader in 3D wearable sensor technology

EliteX 360 has teamed up with dorsaVi, the leader in wearable 3D movement technology, to reduce injuries while optimizing performance.

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The ViPerform system from dorsaVi allows us to objectively measure and convert your movements into data at 200 frames per second without limiting your range of motion. The system only requires four sensors: two on your back and two on your legs. The sensors then wirelessly send information on your movements and muscle contact to a computer in real-time, while syncing with HD video recordings to produce objective analytics. Check out our analysis page to read more about the specific metrics we measure.

With the data we collect, we can:

  • Accurately assess your risk for injury.
  • Guide your strength athletic training programs.
  • Aid in injury rehabilitation and establish realistic recovery goals.
  • Help you move more efficiently.
  • Assess when you’re ready to return to play with minimal risk of reinjury.

The built-in analytics software uses complex analytics to provide you with easily understandable reports. dorsaVi systems are trusted by elite sports organizations like the Philadelphia Flyers, Los Angeles Clippers, Texas Tech University, and Sunderland AFC. The systems we use are trusted by elite athletes yet are optimized to help athletes at all levels of play.

Turning complex movements into hard data

We’ve teamed up with dorsaVi to keep your team off the sidelines.

An Objective, Data-Driven Approach

The dorsaVi system allows us to take a more objective approach to understanding your body’s movements and muscle activity. For over 30 years, injury screening has relied on providing a subjective analysis to mitigate the risk of injury and to help you heal. These traditional methods depend on visual feedback and video capture at about 25 frames per second. The old process has you stand in front of a camera while performing specific exercises. A physical therapist grades your movements subjectively and can sometimes supplement this process through video capture. While this can be helpful in analyzing your movements, it can only go so far to treat and prevent injuries. Because it relies on a subjective human interpretation of your movements, you have little to go on other than the physical therapist’s word and―hopefully―expertise. The process fails to generate any real data, meaning preventing and treating ACL injuries can become a bit of a guessing game. This approach sounds outdated, doesn’t it?

Our approach, on the other hand, provides an objective analysis of your movements. We use 3D wearable sensors from dorsaVi that record data on your movements, in real-time at 200 frames per second. These sensors convert your movements into biomechanical data, providing objective metrics much faster and more accurately than subjective methods. Our system generates actionable data that is then used to quickly create an objective, quantifiable, and instant report that you’re able to review and easily understand. The in-depth analysis we provide detects movements and movement flaws that even a trained human eye can easily miss. Be Greater than Subjective Thinking.

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