The G.A.M.E. System

Gold-star Athletic Movement Evaluation

Introducing the Gold-star Athletic Movement Evaluation system, an efficient, accurate way to reducing injuries and evaluating performance.

The G.A.M.E. Powered by Kinetisense

At EliteX 360, we have an important mission. Too many young athletes are being injured early on in their careers or are returning to play through subjective observations. The real tragedy is that lower body injuries like non-contact ACL tears that can be prevented through careful assessment of how a young athlete moves. The key is technology.

Our Gold-star Athletic Movement Evaluation system is developed to use this technology to accurately assess movement health and provide insights to how training can be altered to reduce injuries and maximize athletic performance.

Gold-Star – Everyone strives for the gold standard, and EliteX 360 is the only company that mobilizes revolutionary 3D motion capture technology to screen young athletes.

Athletic – The 3D Kinteisense technology we use is not specific to only one area of concern, but rather the entire body. We create a live 3D model from which we can analyze movement from a 360 degree perspective.

Movement – How an athlete moves is as individual as an fingerprint. Our screenings provide each athlete a baseline that is specifically tailored to their development and movement.

Evaluation – Our screening events are affordable, non-intrusive, and with 3-5 minutes per evaluation, can be completed for an entire team in only a few hours.

Get in the G.A.M.E. to stay in the Game

Our Screening pinpoints specific areas of risk BEFORE an injury occurs

Quick Online Registration

Once the EliteX 360 program is approved, we send a customized communication to the parent and athlete with date, time, and location of the screening. A registration link is provided to schedule an appointment time, instructions to pay online, and an agree to liability waiver. The athlete or parent will enter all relevant data prior to testing, including prior injury history, concussion history, and sports history.

Comprehensive screening

In only 3 to 5 minutes, the athlete will perform 12 exercises. Our 3D motion capture technology will analyze their movements in three planes; frontal, sagittal, and transverse along with an optional concussion baseline test.

Real-time Reporting

The G.A.M.E. technology isolates movement dysfunctions in real-time and scores them on an easy to comprehend, color-coded viewable report that is shown on a 360-degree human avatar. It is this process that allows us to identify and address the young athlete’s susceptibility to injury and work towards optimizing performance. Individual athlete and aggregated team reports are provided.

Customized Corrective Action Plan

We capture actionable data from the screening and use the information provided in the comprehensive report to create a customized corrective action plan specifically for each athlete. The action plan consists of customized online exercise programs, sports performance training, formal therapy, and orthopedic consults.

Annual Reassessment

Young athletes should undergo annual movement science reassessments as their bodies develop. Their athletic movements are affected by injuries from prior years along with enduring entire seasons of physical exertion and overuse. This baseline comparative analysis gives an indication of the effectiveness of current therapy and training.

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