Our Screening Events

Injury screening events and movement analytics for your team

EliteX 360 can schedule a movement screening event at your team’s facility to assess each individual athlete of your team over the course of a morning or afternoon.

A Mobile, Experiential Screening Event

We use state-of-the-art Kinetisense motion capture and infrared assessment systems to get a complete picture of how an athlete moves and how their body responds to fatigue and stress. Our systems offer the flexibility to screen anyone, anywhere. With our technology we can screen your entire team within a couple of hours. We follow the same program for every member of your team, so everyone has access to a personalized injury risk movement approach all at once.

Plagued by ACL injuries in the past?

Injury risk movement screening helps your young athletes take a preventative approach to keep them off the sidelines.

Comprehensive Reporting

By performing an injury risk screening for each member of your team, we’ll be able to create a clinical report that provides recommendations for your athletes’ training regimens. Our reporting assesses sport-specific risk factors to provide exercises you can incorporate into your workouts to reduce the chance of ACL and other traumatic sports injuries. While individual reporting will help each member better understand his or her specific risk factors, your team also will be better prepared to reduce injury rates across your organization.

If one of your team members is injured, we’ll have established baseline movement data to facilitate the recovery and rehabilitation process. Baseline screening provides realistic and objective recovery goals. At the same time, establishing baseline data helps to more accurately determine when an athlete is ready to return to play with minimal risk of re-injury.

If you’re ready to have your team screened, schedule a movement screening event at your facility before the season starts.

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