Data Analytics

Objective, data-driven movement analytics as quick as you are

We use clinically proven software to interpret movement patterns. Complex algorithms then translate your movement into intuitive and actionable data.

Tech Screen | EliteX 360

Susceptibility to Injury

Our injury risk assessment screening and sophisticated software provides instant analytics on an athletes unique movements to assess and grade injury risk factors. Movement data is analyzed with complex algorithms to create an aggregate score that lets you immediately know what your athlete’s injury risk level is. Our in-depth screening looks at what’s happening inside the musculoskeletal system, pinpointing the specific areas of risk within the body. This process ensures an actionable understanding of movement patterns that may be missed by the human eye.

The data-driven approach we take allows for efficient screening solutions. We have the capabilities to screen an entire team within a matter of hours so each athlete has an objective movement baseline before the season begins. Our mobile biomechanical technology lab allows us to screen your team on your turf. We work with your organization to build an aggregate report and recommend specific conditioning, performance optimization, and corrective exercise programs to give your athletes the X-factor.

Recovery Analytics

We pinpoint specific areas lacking control, stability, balance, and muscle development that might be leaving the athlete susceptible to injury or reinjury. By obtaining this in-depth scientific and objective information, our injury analytics will let you know more accurately when they’re ready to return to play (RTP) after recovering from an injury. If you established a baseline screening with us prior to their injury, we can aid in the rehabilitation process and potentially get the athlete back in the game sooner than traditional methods would allow. Our objective approach allows us to more safely assess when an athlete is ready for RTP to sports. Plus, we’ll continue working with you to keep your team’s risk of reinjury low.

Key Performance Areas

Balance—Balance represents your ability to maintain balance and control during testing. We record data while you squat and perform single-leg hops to rate your balance. ACL injuries are frequently the result of losing balance. By improving balance, you mitigate the risk of an ACL injury.

Symmetry—Symmetry is a measurement of how much you rely on the right or left side of your body in relation to each other. Our screening determines how much you use one side compared to the other. If you’re overcompensating for one side over the other, you are more vulnerable to a major sports injury such as an ACL tear or other traumatic injury or reinjury.

Stability—Stability indicates how well you can maintain balance, control landing, cut, pivot, and stabilize your knee during athletic movements. We measure stability while you perform single-leg hops. Lack of stability can increase your chances of sustaining a non-contact ACL injury or other traumatic sports injury.

Flexibility—Flexibility demonstrates your range of motion or flexibility. We measure flexibility while you perform a series of lunges. If your movement is restricted, your ability to control balance and absorb shock may be limited, significantly increasing your risk of a serious injury.

Range of Motion (ROM) – ROM is a measurement of the full movement potential of a joint. The 3D Kinetisense system can assess ROM in the neck, back, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. Lack of full movement potential can be a serious hindrance in an athlete’s return to play after an injury. It can also be a sign of potential future injury.

Helping athletes move efficiently, play longer, and perform better

We take human movement and turn it into easily interpreted data that helps you train and play at an Elite level.

Real-Time Reporting

Our actionable data-rich reports are printed on-site instantly, so you can get started on mitigating injury risk that same day. At the end of the screening, you will receive a G.A.M.E. Screening Report detailing your specific areas of injury risk. A customized corrective exercise plan is created and delivered based on movement flaws to mitigate injury risk while optimizing performance. Our team is here for your team to provide screening services that are as quick as you are.

Aggregate Reporting

While the data we collect may seem complicated, we simplify it into an easy-to-read, one page report that anyone can understand to maximize athletic performance and mitigate injury risk. The categories below are used to create our G.A.M.E. Screening Report for each athlete.

  • Balance Index
  • Flexibility Index
  • Core Stability Index
  • Dynamic Posture Index
  • Lower Extremity Power Index
  • Functional Asymmetry Index

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