Our Program

Movement Evaluations optimized for Elite performance

Football Player Joint Highlights | EliteX 360

How It Works

We’ve developed a dynamic screening process to assess your athletic efficiency and overall injury risk. Using advanced video motion capture technology, we can analyze your movement patterns for any inefficiencies and provide a corrective action plan to reduce your risk of injury.

Group Screening | EliteX 360

Our Screening Events

We have the mobility and scalability to set up a movement screening event at your team’s facility. We’ll assess your whole team over the course of a morning or afternoon.

Data Analytics

We use the latest technology, paired with sophisticated sports performance analytics, to provide you with actionable, data-driven reports to proactively reduce injury rates and enhance performance.

Reporting Example | EliteX 360

The G.A.M.E. System

Introducing the Gold-star Athletic Movement Evaluation system, an efficient, accurate way to reducing injuries and evaluating performance. Understanding how an Athlete’s body moves can be the difference between injury and healthy.

Concussion Testing | EliteX 360

Concussion Baseline Testing

Baseline concussion testing is important to any athlete. EliteX 360 has the cutting-edge tools that can objectively assess injury and risk. Optimal performance is more than just joint health, ensure your athlete’s mind is in peak condition.

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