With 30 seconds left in the championship game and the ball yards from the goal line, all it would take is a quick run up the middle to secure the victory. But the star running back who carried the team is out after tearing his ACL just moments earlier. In a situation like this, how can a coach not ask if there was anything else he could have done to protect his star player and guarantee a championship title?

From a subjective understanding of sports injury prevention, the answer is no. From an objective understanding, however, the answer is yes. Here’s how.

Acknowledging Injury Risk

As we discussed in a previous blog, the first step to an effective injury-prevention program is recognizing that injuries pose a genuine threat to each and every player on your team. Nobody is immune. Once you’ve accepted the risk, we can start taking proactive measures to mitigate the risk of injury.

Injury Mitigation and Optimized Performance

You now may be wondering how injury prevention relates to optimal athletic performance. At EliteX 360, we believe that you can’t achieve your optimal performance level if you haven’t done everything in your power to mitigate the risk of injury. At the same time, increased injury risk is most frequently due to inefficient movement patterns.

That’s where an objective understanding of athletic movements comes into play. With our objective screening analytics, we pinpoint specific areas of risk to not only help athletes move more efficiently but also to help every member of your team move more safely and with more confidence.

With a proactive, objective approach to that championship running back’s movements, specific areas of risk could have been pinpointed to tailor a training regimen that may have prepared his body for that split-second cut that tore his ACL.

Individualized Analytics for Your Whole Team

We’ve developed a comprehensive approach to injury screening that allows us to deliver individual reporting for each player on your team paired with aggregate reporting for team-wide recommendations. That way, you can gain a deeper understanding of each player’s areas of risk and movement inefficiencies along with how your team performs in the bigger picture.

With objective metrics for each member of your team and your team as a whole, we can use numbers to measure where you are, set concrete goals to mitigate injury risks and analyze how individual and team performance improves over time. By gaining a perspective that goes deeper than the skin, we’re able to move beyond visual analysis alone and proactively reduce injury risk by recommending strategies that are backed by numbers.

Schedule a Unique Event for Your Team

Our mobile sports performance laboratory allows us to come to your facility and screen your entire team in a matter of hours. We work with each member of the team on an individual basis and with you to gain a holistic understanding of your team’s movement patterns and reduce the risk of injury.

If you’re ready to start taking a proactive approach to the sports injury epidemic, contact us today to schedule a screening event for your team.