If you’re serious about playing at an elite level, you should always be looking for ways to take your athletic performance to the next level. You’ve likely already established the concrete milestones and goals to take you there, and you may even already have scouts and schools showing interest in having you join their elite teams. Preparing to play at an elite level begins with optimizing performance.

Acknowledging Injury Risk

Ultimately, you may be wondering what else you can do to get your body ready to compete at the next level. After all, you’re spending all of your free time preparing your body for the transition. If you’ve ever sustained a critical sports injury, you understand how just one wrong move can change all of that in a matter of seconds. The recruiters stop calling. You’re stuck on the sidelines. And your dreams of playing at the next level can quickly fade away.

If you’ve never experienced a sports injury yourself, you probably know someone who has, and you want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. The first step is acknowledging that injury can happen to anyone at any moment. That’s why many professional teams stipulate that their athletes can’t play certain sports or perform certain activities in their free time. Once you’ve acknowledged that injuries are a very real possibility, you can start doing something about reducing your risk of sustaining a season-ending injury.

Optimizing Performance

At EliteX 360, we spend a lot of time talking about performance optimization and optimal performance levels, but you may be wondering what these mean on a practical level. For us, optimal sports performance goes hand-in-hand with injury prevention. After all, you can’t play at an optimal level if you’re injured. Even after you’ve physically recovered from an injury, you can’t optimize your performance until you’ve overcome the psychological impact of injury with the confidence that your body is back to pre-injury performance levels.

At EliteX 360, we define optimal performance as preparing your body to move as efficiently as possible with minimal risk of injury or strain. That’s why our screening event uses objective data to drive data analytics and pinpoint specific areas of risk. These areas of risk are most frequently associated with movement inefficiencies, so we work with your unique movements to address these inefficiencies and recommend injury-prevention strategies so you can start moving better.

Honing Your Instincts

Hesitation prevents athletes from reaching their true potential and playing at an elite level on a consistent basis. The GOATs have spent so much time training muscle memory and honing their athletic instinct that they’re able to simply act. That’s why we say things like “she made that look easy.” After intense training, they no longer have to hesitate, think, or pause. They’ve trained their muscles to perform instinctually, making them faster and quicker than anyone else on the field.

Honing your instinct to play at an elite level is about achieving the confidence that your body is ready to perform paired with the sharpest instinct on the field. That’s where the experts at EliteX 360 come into play. We’re committed to helping athletes at all levels prepare their bodies to play at an elite level.

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