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EliteX 360 partners with Professional and National Teams in pushing movement science technology forward

Our team is here to help professional and national teams’ athletes understand the interplay between performance and data-driven movement analytics to help reduce injury risk and optimize movement patterns.

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The EliteX 360 Advantage

Our plan-based analytics are designed to provide Elite level athletes with an objective understanding of the way they move, so they have the tools to perform consistently at an elite level. At the professional level, the body is a player’s most valuable asset; movement and performance makes money. EliteX 360 is here to help optimize the body, so professional and national athletes have the opportunity to play at the Elite level.

Our 3D Screening Service technology pinpoints subtle variations in your movements, so we can help all athletes understand, correct, and refine their movements – taking their performance to a truly Elite level. Good isn’t good enough: Be Greater than Yesterday’s Performance. 

80% of all ACL Injuries are Non-Contact

51 NFL Players tore their ACL during the 2017 season. We can do better, and EliteX 360 is the answer.

Take Your Game to the Next Level

Whether your team competes at a professional or national level, the expectation for the individual and team is to perform at the Elite level. Failure to understand even the most minute detail in how your body moves can lead to a ruined career. Your sports program likely already employs Human Performance Diagnostic Testing, GPS tracking, concussion protocol testing and nutrition plans to maximize the athletes’ performance. If you aren’t incorporating an understanding of injury mitigation and movement efficiency into that mix, you’re missing a critical piece of the puzzle.

At EliteX 360, we provide you with an objective, 360° analysis of each players’ movements at 200 frames per second. This objective approach works to build confidence in each player and the ability for every member of your team to perform at an Elite level that wins championships.

Unique Screening Events

Our team has the mobility to set up a unique biomechanical lab for an injury screening event at your team’s training facility. We can preventatively screen an entire team over the course of a single morning or afternoon. We recommend teams screen players during the offseason at rookie camp, training camp, OTA’s, or minicamps so your athletic training staff is armed with objective movement efficiency data (baseline) for each athlete before the season starts. In the event that a player is injured, we have an already established objective baseline for rehab and return-to-play (RTP) decision making to minimize re-injury risk.

This baseline performance evaluation can also be applied to concussions. We use the Kinetisense 3D balance module which allows for the establishment of concussion baseline scores. Over the course of training, or after an injury, the extent of any damage can be measured objectively. There is no harm in getting this objective assessment for any player as part of an athletic safety program. Each assessment takes only 15 to 20 seconds and is an unintrusive procedure that can be added to any motion screening event.

Our Plan-Based Approach

EliteX 360 provides your athletes with a customized action plan that integrates into personal and team training routines. What good is data if you don’t know what to do with it? EliteX 360 works with your athletic training staff to help them better understand and optimize movement efficiency. Our movement science screening program pinpoints specific areas of injury risk, while working to optimize athletic performance. Be Greater than Yesterday’s Performance with EliteX 360.

If you’ve already sustained an ACL or lower extremity injury, our objective baseline analytics will help you more accurately determine if your body is ready to return to play (RTP). At the same time, we’ll work with you to create a strength and conditioning or high-performance training program optimized for your body’s unique movements. Reinjury anxiety can severely reduce your confidence and ability to perform when your team needs you most.


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