High School and Club Sports

Access the same sports injury technology that the professionals use

When you team up with EliteX 360, you and your team have access to the latest injury prevention technology and techniques used by collegiate and professional athletes.

Revolutionary Technology for Athletes at Every Level

What high school student-athlete doesn’t dream of one day playing sports in college or becoming a professional athlete? After reading Sophie’s story, it’s easy to see how a severe injury can dramatically alter an athlete’s dreams. That’s why it’s critical to understand movement patterns. In addition, practicing proper technique, following a training regimen, and maintaining a nutritious diet are essential if you want to achieve your dream of one day playing at an Elite level. However, all of your hard work can be meaningless if you sustain a critical injury.

Young athletes who play soccer, football, lacrosse, basketball, field hockey, volleyball, hockey, and cheer and dance activities face an increased risk of an ACL and other traumatic sports injury, and nobody is invincible. No matter what sport you play, you should always put serious thought into how you can protect yourself from injury. We’re here to help you get your sports career started on the right foot, so you’ll be ready to perform at an Elite level when the time comes – Start Right to Stay Right! The injury mitigation strategies you learn now will help you throughout the rest of your career.

51.4% of all high school student-athletes (1.4 million) experienced injuries in 2016

More than half of the injuries sustained in high school sports are lower extremity related. We must lower this injury rate.

Soccer Knee | EliteX 360

Simple, Cost-Effective Injury Screening for Your Entire Team

EliteX 360 can set up a unique, mobile biomechanical lab for an injury screening event anywhere. Using state-of-the-art motion capture and infrared technology from Kinetisense, we can preventatively screen a whole team over the course of a single morning or afternoon. We recommend that teams at all levels screen players before the season begins, so every player has the confidence and ability to perform at the Elite level that wins championships. In the event that a player is injured while playing sports, we have established an objective baseline for rehab and return-to-play (RTP) decision-making to minimize re-injury risk.

Our expertise can also be applied to baseline concussion assessments as well. The Kinetisense 3D balance module we use allows for the establishment of concussion baseline scores. Over the course of training, or after an injury, the extent of any damage can be measured objectively. There is no harm in getting this objective assessment for any player as part of an athletic safety program. Each assessment takes only 3 – 5 minutes and is a simple test that can be added to any motion screening event.

An Actionable, Plan-Based Approach

EliteX 360 provides your athletes with a customized action plan that can be integrated into personal and team training routines. What good is data if you don’t know what to do with it? We simplify the metrics used to analyze your teams’ movements, so you leave with a better understanding of how bodies move and what you need to do to develop a plan to keep athletes safe. With our program, a strong foundation is built to help each student-athlete excel. A student-athlete will be better prepared to compete at an elite level when they have a better understanding of movement efficiency, injury prevention, and performance optimization. Be Greater than Today!

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