College Athletics

Providing college athletes with the X-Factor to play at an elite level

A serious injury of a collegiate scholarship athlete can be costly for both the athlete and the University.

The EliteX 360 Approach for All College Athletes

College-level athletes have already invested a lot of time, energy, and dedication into a sport they love. It takes effort and dedication to keep a dream of playing at the professional level alive. We’re here to help your athletes get there. EliteX 360 works with your athletic training staff to better understand and optimize movement efficiency in young athletes. Our G.A.M.E movement science screening program pinpoints specific areas of injury risk while working to optimize your student’s athletic performance.

If an athlete has already sustained an ACL or other traumatic sports injury, our objective baseline analytics help you more accurately determine if the young athlete is ready to return to play (RTP). At the same time, we’ll provide your athletic training staff with the tools they need to create a strength and conditioning or high-performance training program optimized for each player. Reinjury anxiety can severely reduce confidence and ability to perform when the team needs it the most. Get in the G.A.M.E to stay in the game.

Analytics to push your athletes to the next level

Our objective program is the missing piece of the puzzle in understanding how to reduce injuries and optimize performance.

Helping Athletes Discover Their X-Factor

At the college level, it’s crucial that your athletes discover their X-factor – what sets them apart from other players. EliteX 360 has the experts to make sure your athletes are prepared to perform at an Elite level. We deliver objective data to help you better understand how an athlete moves. Your sports program likely already employs Human Performance Diagnostic Testing, GPS tracking, concussion protocol testing, and nutrition plans to maximize each athlete’s performance. If you aren’t taking similar measures to better understand movement efficiency through objective-based injury mitigation and performance optimization screening programs, you’re missing out on a key piece of the puzzle. Understanding the interplay between diet, training intensity, and athletic movement efficiency is critical to optimal sports performance.

The advanced 3D technology we use detects movements and inefficiencies that occur within your musculoskeletal system, to identify problems that even coaches and trainers may overlook with the human eye. Our objective analytics provide a deeper understanding of movement so you can tailor a training regimen to help athletes move more efficiently. With EliteX 360, we help every athlete discover their X-factor by helping them perform optimally on the field. Now, college athletes can compete at the professional level when the time comes.

Unique, and Easy, Injury Screening Events

Universities have a lot invested in their student-athletes. The athletes themselves have a lot invested in their participation in sports. This is why it’s important to do whatever it takes to approach injuries in a proactive way. It is critical to assess each athlete, how their body works, and what they can do to train effectively to reduce the risk of sustaining a major injury.

Our G.A.M.E. screening solution can provide this assessment for your entire team in a matter of hours. We can screen an entire team over the course of a morning or afternoon. The best time to have your team screened is before the season starts, so your athletic training staff is armed with:

These baselines allow the athletic training staff to objectively compare an athlete’s performance from pre-season to mid-season and beyond. This approach works to build confidence and the ability to perform at an Elite level. Over the course of training, or after an injury, the extent of any damage can be measured objectively.  This is especially so for baseline concussion testing. There is no harm in getting this objective assessment for any player as part of an athletic safety program. Each assessment takes only 15 to 20 seconds and is an unintrusive procedure that can be added to any motion screening event.

Help maximize the return on investment for schools and athletes with EliteX 360. Why guess when you can know?

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