Baseline concussion testing is important for any athlete. EliteX 360 has the cutting-edge tools to objectively assess injury and risk.

What Is a Baseline Concussion Test?

A baseline concussion test performed by EliteX 360 uses powerful 3D Kinetisense technology to  assess an athlete’s balance and test for any concussion symptoms. The baseline test is run during a pre-season movement assessment screening, and a report is provided to coaches and athletic trainers.

If an athlete sustains a suspected concussion, the results from these tests can be used and compared to similar exams during the season. This can provide objective evidence of the effects of the injury and whether the young athlete is cleared to return to school or play.

Other evaluations that can be combined with our assessment include:

The BESS Test – The Balance Error Scoring System is an assessment tool that assists with return-to-play decisions. It measures the number of balance errors an athlete makes over a series of tests.

The ImPACT Concussion Management – This is a computerized concussion management system that can analyze the athlete post injury and track recovery for safe return to play.

Comparing test results after an injury and suspected concussion to the set baseline from EliteX 360 provides a number of benefits. It’s an opportunity for health professionals and coaches to educate the athlete about what concussions are, how they affect their physiology, and how return-to-play decisions are made. Sports are a leading cause of concussion injuries, and they can occur during any sport or recreational activity.

An athlete looking to get back in the game needs all the information they can get, and this is where EliteX 360 comes in—with cutting-edge technology and proven methods designed to reduce injuries and optimize performance.

How EliteX Does It

The concussion baseline testing offered by EliteX 360 is a comprehensive assessment of movement and balance. The more information you have about each individual athlete, the better you can make objective return-to-play decisions if they are injured during the season. There are no negatives to getting this assessment for any player as part of an athletic safety program. Each assessment takes only three to five minutes and is a simple test that can be added to any athletic motion screening event.

Why It’s Important

Our understanding of concussions and how medical professionals and coaches approach them is evolving into a set of common protocols designed to protect the athlete. Concussions can affect memory, judgment, reflexes, speech, balance, coordination, and how an athlete sleeps. Coaches, athletic trainers, athletes, and even parents should be aware of the signs and symptoms of concussions, as well as understanding the importance of proper care after a suspected concussion.

Although it doesn’t prevent concussions, baseline testing is critical to providing the best possible care for the athlete. It gives medical professionals enough information to make critical return-to-play decisions, and EliteX 360 is here to help your athletic department do whatever it takes to protect your athletes. Call us today to arrange a screening event for all your sports teams.