What We Do And Why?

Reducing Injuries in young Athletes While Optimizing Performance

By combining the latest in sports medicine, sports science, and technology, we use an objective rather than subjective approach, to push movement science forward.

Who We Are

EliteX 360 is the pre-eminent provider of movement science screening services. We apply the latest in motion capture and wearable sensor movement science technology to reduce injury rates and optimize performance for athletes in every sport. We analyze human movement from a 360-degree perspective to turn it into easily interpreted, actionable data. Our goal is to use revolutionary movement science technology to mitigate injuries at all levels of play.

We’re fascinated by the study of movement and its relation to athletic training, physical therapy, strength and conditioning, high performance, and sports medicine. If you look around our website or spend enough time with us, you’ll hear us talk a lot about movement science. We think of movement science as an aggregate of the latest in sports medicine and biomechanics paired with innovative sports technology. We’re focused on pushing the field of movement science forward by integrating cutting-edge research with training and technology. This means you can work these approaches into your training programs and optimize your movement patterns.

Traditional Subjective Methods vs. Our Objective Methods

For more than three decades, injury screening services have relied on a subjective approach to mitigate the risk of injury or to help you heal. The traditional Functional Movement Screen (FMS), considered the gold standard of subjective assessments, relies on visual analysis and video capture, seen by the human eye at approximately 20 frames per second. To do this, you stand in front of a camera while performing specific exercises. Later on, a physical therapist reviews the footage and grades your movements. While this can be helpful in analyzing your movements, it can only go so far to treat and prevent injuries. Because it relies on a subjective human interpretation of your movements, you have little to go on other than the physical therapist’s word and—hopefully—their expertise. This process fails to generate any real data, meaning preventing and treating ACL or other major sports injuries becomes a guessing game.

Our approach, on the other hand, prioritizes analytical, objective thinking. We’ve developed an objective analysis of your movements by using cutting-edge motion capture, infrared and sonar-based assessment that records movement data at 200 frames per second. Our screening records biomechanical data in real time, providing objective metrics faster and with more accuracy than traditional methods. Our system generates real data that can be used to quickly create objective, quantifiable reports and statistics you can easily review and understand. We provide a bigger-picture perspective with data-driven analytics you can use to perform better on and off the field. With our in-depth approach, we’re filling the void in movement science by detecting movements and issues that even a trained human eye can miss.

Pushing Movement Science Forward

We’re committed to advancing movement science and injury reduction one athlete screening at a time.

What Our Program Offers | EliteX 360

What Our Program Offers

By combining the latest insights from sports medicine, sports science, and technology, we build comprehensive sports training and injury mitigation programs to help you perform at your best, on and off the field. We use advanced motion capture software, 3D wearable sensors and sophisticated algorithms to objectively measure how you move in real life. This process allows us to create:

  • Data-driven, objective, evidence-based movement solutions.
  • Comprehensive programs tailored to your training needs.
  • Efficient, mobile screening processes that can be used to analyze an entire team quickly and easily.
  • Movement Efficiency Score Reports with data you can understand and use immediately.

Right now, we’re focusing on traumatic sports injury mitigation and treatment, but our team is already developing advanced, clinical human movement programs for the future. Our approach involves integrating movement science and technology to mitigate lower-extremity injuries in:

In other words, we optimize our solutions for every level of play. Whatever your playing level, we’ll help you take your performance up a notch so you can become Elite!

Sports Technology Engineered for the Athlete

While other technologies can quantify your movements to prevent and treat injuries, few are engineered to the rigorous standards that ours are. Because your body is more prone to injury under fatigue, we’ve developed a movement protocol with that in mind. Our screenings are physically challenging to get a more realistic, objective understanding of your injury risks and movement patterns. We’ve revolutionized the possibilities of treatment for ACL and other sports injuries by creating a program that proactively reduces injury rates.

Sports Technology Engineered to Protect Athletes

In sports, safety is a priority. The responsibility for keeping athletes safe when they participate in sports lies with coaches, parents, and even the athletes themselves. This is why EliteX 360 offers Kinetisense technology to quickly and accurately assess how an athlete moves and how their body responds to stress and fatigue. The information gleaned from these methods and our expertise in helping athletes change how they move and train reduces the likelihood of serious injuries.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, get in touch with us today.

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