SSM Health Physical Therapy

We partner with SSM Health Physical Therapy – The industry leader in physical therapy

We proudly partner with the leaders in physical therapy to reduce your risk of injury, facilitate a return to play strategy, and optimize your sports performance.

Innovative Technology Meets Industry-Leading Physical Therapy

SSM Health Physical Therapy is the premier provider of comprehensive physical therapy services in the Midwest. With a network of more than 60 outpatient physical therapy centers located throughout the St. Louis Metro area, SSM Health Physical Therapy specializes in healing sports, orthopedic, hand, and work-related injuries. Their team of more than 400 therapists and patient service specialists focuses on providing excellent care and unmatched service.

In 2009, SSM Health, the parent organization of SSM Health Rehab and Select Medical, a leading provider of specialized health care, joined together to enhance the delivery of quality rehabilitation services in the greater St. Louis area. Through this partnership, the inpatient rehabilitation became known as SSM Health Rehabilitation Hospital. As a part of this partnership, EliteX 360 has access to more than 30 SSM Health Physical Therapy locations.

EliteX 360 has forged a preferred partnership agreement with SSM Health Physical Therapy, which is part of Select Medical Physical Therapy, the nation’s largest outpatient physical therapy and sports medicine provider. With over 1,600 facilities across the US, they provide athletic training services to over 500 high schools, 100 college and 30 professional teams throughout the US. As the nation’s largest, most research-intensive sports medicine provider, Select Medical also provides cutting-edge innovations in the field of sports medicine and rehabilitation. Through the partnership forged between Select Medical Physical Therapy and SSM Health Physical Therapy, EliteX 360 is proud to join in the devotion to integrating the latest in sports technology and services with the most current sports medicine research.

We partner with the best to help you perform at your best

Our partnership with SSM Health Physical Therapy reflects our commitment to facilitating the rehabilitation process for athletes at every level.

Our Shared Values

We partnered with SSM Health Physical Therapy not only because they are industry leaders, but also because we share many of the same values. SSM Health’s core values include:

  • Respect: Honoring the dignity and uniqueness of each person.
  • Excellence: A team of exceptional people doing remarkable things together.
  • Compassion: Welcoming opinions without judgment and extending kindness and caring toward others.
  • Resourcefulness: Responsible, accountable, and flexible in providing creative solutions.
  • Integrity: Promoting an honest and just culture.
  • Community: Inspiring each other through a passion for serving.

Because we work with similar priorities in mind, the partnership between EliteX 360 and SSM Health Physical Therapy developed organically, as we both strive to provide injured athletes with the highest quality care possible.

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