Sophie’s Story

Preventing injury one athlete at a time

Our mission is to make sure that no athlete’s dreams are crippled by injury because we’ve seen it happen firsthand.

When Injury Strikes

In the fall of 2014, Sophie was actively pursuing her dream of one day playing D1 college soccer for one of the nation’s top-tier soccer schools. Her St. Louis based team had traveled to Chicago to play their rival in the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL). Little did she know that her life would soon be changed forever. Midway through the first half of the game, Sophie tore her ACL. Shortly after, she started down the long road of ACL reconstruction.

With the right technology, Sophie’s ACL reinjury could've been prevented

EliteX 360 is here to try to prevent injuries like Sophie’s from crippling any more athletes.

When Injury Strikes...Again

By the summer of 2016, Sophie had fully recovered from surgery and ACL injury treatment. Meanwhile, she had kept her dream of playing college soccer alive and was attending a college ID camp. During a routine drill, she experienced a typical ACL tear symptom; she heard the dreaded “POP” that she’d heard less than two years earlier. The right knee that had been surgically repaired after her first ACL tear gave out again, and Sophie found herself in the same predicament she thought she’d just overcome.

The Road to Recovery

After six months of grueling surgery and rehab, Sophie’s orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist cleared her to play soccer again. Although the injury crushed Sophie’s dream of playing collegiate soccer, she was still excited to play her senior year for her high school soccer team. Her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Glen Johnson, decided to delay her return-to-play (RTP) at the last minute.

Dr. Johnson wanted to have Sophie assessed by a new wearable technology that used 3D wireless sensors to more accurately determine her return-to-play (RTP) status. The surgeon described the process as a “movement MRI” that collected data at 200 frames per second to create a report on the condition of Sophie’s ACL rehab progress. After reviewing the objective and actionable data report, Sophie, her parents, and her surgeon determined that Sophie was not, in fact, ready to return to the soccer field.

Data Saves the Day

Using 3D motion-sensing technology to asses functional movement, specific areas in Sophie’s surgically repaired knee were severely lacking the control, stability, balance, and muscle development necessary to prevent further injury. Sophie, her parents, and her surgeon were shocked by the findings. She’d previously been cleared as ready to play after her primary physical therapy clinic recommended a more traditional RTP approach.

The traditional method relied on the human eye and video capture at only 25 frames per second. This method has been the industry standard for the past 30+ years but could have easily led to Sophie reinjuring her ACL for the third time. After fully recovering, Sophie finished her soccer career as the senior captain for her high school team.

Our Vision for the Future

We’ve heard too many stories like Sophie’s. Athletic injuries are now an epidemic at every level of play. Before the problem spirals out of control, our goal at EliteX 360 is to reduce the rate of sports injuries at all levels, but especially at the youth level. We work to reduce the risk of ACL and lower extremity injury with pre-assessment programs and objective data-driven exams powered functional movement assessment technology.  Our solutions provide revolutionary 3D, objective-based technology for anyone who may be susceptible to injury or reinjury.

Since the inception of our company, the technology we use has evolved in order to serve each athlete quickly and efficiently. To learn more about the technology we use, click here.

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