Our Culture

Breaking free from subjective thinking to push movement science forward

The time has come for the clinical sports world to stop relying solely on subjective techniques to understand the way athletes move. The future of injury prevention is in the objective, measurable metrics with EliteX 360.

What Drives Us

EliteX 360 was co-founded in March of 2017 after the founders daughters sustained multiple non-contact ACL injuries while playing club and high school sports. Both were disappointed by the subjective approach taken to understanding injuries before they occurred and facilitating post-injury rehabilitation. Witnessing this epidemic from such a personal perspective spurred our founders to create EliteX 360 with one goal in mind – to put an end to the young athlete injury epidemic.

“We formed EliteX 360 based on the personal experiences of having our daughters suffer traumatic ACL injuries which may have been prevented using objective based thinking and technology,” Shane reflects. “Sports injuries in young athletes are an epidemic, and we’ve made it our mission to drive change with revolutionary injury mitigating and performance optimizing programs to be greater than this epidemic.”

We are a company with relentless energy to drive change in an industry that needs to a adopt more proactive approach and better techniques for analyzing movement and assessing return-to-sports timelines. At EliteX 360, the attributes that set our team apart and establish us as an industry leader include:

  • Personal Passion
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Relentless Commitment

If you share any of these values, EliteX 360 is here to help you gain a deeper understanding of the way you move and how you can reduce your risk of injury.

We’re tackling the injury epidemic one athlete at a time

With instant, objective analytics, cutting-edge algorithms, and 3D motion capture technology, we’re committed to reducing injury rates at every level of play.

School Screening And Tablet | EliteX 360

An Objective Approach

Today, we are the leading provider of objective movement screening services for both teams and individual athletes. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to explore advancements in movement science methods and technologies that others won’t. Rooted in a clinical approach, with a background in technology, our team is spearheading advancements in movement science to reduce injury risk at every level of competition.

As leaders in the movement science industry, we are committed to:

  • Implementing revolutionary technology through constant lab reviews of new movement science technologies following rigorous clinical evaluation and validation.
  • Utilizing multiple systems to deploy mobile bio-mechanical labs that provide a clinical and experiential event setting while being able to efficiently screen young athletes on their own turf.
  • Partnering with industry-leading clinical experts and physical therapists to deliver a highly-researched, clinically proven, objective approach to movement science and optimal sports performance.
  • Be Greater Than the Young Athlete Injury Epidemic

We want to have a positive impact on reducing injury rates at every level play, so we provide scalable screening events for:

1. High School and Club Sports
2. College Athletics —D1, D2, D3, junior, and community colleges
3. Professional Sports and National teams—NFL, NBA, MLS, NHL, MLB, US Soccer Federation, and National Teams

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