The Young Athlete Injury Epidemic Is About to Meet a New Reality

What We Do and Why?

Applying the latest in movement science, with Advanced Motion Capture technology, we help to reduce injuries in young athletes and optimize performance.

We analyze human movement and turn it into easily interpreted and actionable data. Our goal is to utilize revolutionary movement science technology to mitigate injuries and enhance performance.

How It Works

We use powerful motion capture technology, software, and sophisticated algorithms to objectively measure how well athletes move.

In Real-Time. Anywhere.

Every bend. Every twist. Every step. Every Part. 3D. 360° 

How Can EliteX 360 Help?

By combining the latest in sports medicine, sports science, and sports technology, we’re pushing movement science forward to help you perform at an Elite level while reducing your risk of injury.

About EliteX 360

EliteX 360 is here to help you perform at an Elite level by providing 360-degree movement science programs, so you can reach your Apex and discover your X-Factor. We’ve seen firsthand how serious injuries can impact an athlete’s life. That’s why we’re driven to provide athletes at all levels with access to the latest in injury prevention technology.

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