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EliteX 360 is the provider of movement science screening services for young and professional athletes to reduce injury risk and enhance athletic performance.

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What We Offer

How Injury Mitigation Screening Works

Our quick and easy process uses video, sonar, and infrared to analyze how an athlete’s body moves and reacts to stress and fatigue. This allows us to grade how susceptible the athlete is to injury.

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Our athletic performance program is broken into five steps:

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The G.A.M.E. Screening

Real Time Reporting

Customized Corrective Action

Annual Reassessment

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Movement Analytics

Our five-step screening process generates an in-depth report of your body’s movements. The report focuses on four fundamental body exercises that measure balance, symmetry, stability, and flexibility.

Explosive Jump


Single Leg Hops

Reverse Lunge

About Us

EliteX 360 is here to help you perform at an Elite level by providing 360-degree movement science programs, so you can reach your Apex and discover your X-Factor. We’ve seen firsthand how serious injuries can impact an athlete’s life. That’s why we’re driven to provide athletes at all levels with access to the latest in injury prevention technology.

What We Do and Why

Our G.A.M.E movement assessment process will help reduce injuries in young athletes and optimize performance. We use motion capture technology to analyze human movement and turn it into easily interpreted and actionable data. Our goal is to utilize revolutionary movement science technology for full body assessments to mitigate the impact of major sports injuries and concussions while enhancing athlete performance. We are an advocate for the parents of young athletes to help protect them from total body and ACL injuries that would otherwise derail a promising athletic career.

Who We Work With

We currently focus on total body and ACL injury mitigation and treatment, but our team is developing other movement programs for the future. We aim to mitigate traumatic injuries in:

High School and Club Sports

Collegiate Sports

Professional Sports 

Sophie's Story

Sophie was a high school student actively pursuing her dream of one day playing D1 college soccer for one of the nation’s top-tier soccer schools. After tearing her ACL, her life and plans for the future quickly changed. After fully recovering from ACL surgery and treatment, Sophie’s ACL gave out again. With the right technology, Sophie’s ACL reinjury could have been prevented.

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